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Teaching methods are a historical category.

At different periods of school development, the goals of education changed and were supplemented in accordance with the prevailing social goals and worldview. Thus, in modern times the only task of essay writing service - Edusharky in participation in the activities of the official school was the assimilation of scholastic knowledge. With the emergence and the development of bourgeois society, as the school knowledge of practical importance, the task of mastering it was added to the task of learning it. As knowledge of practical importance began to be taught at school, so did the requirement to teach how to apply it in practice. It is only at the present stage that the first two tasks are supplemented in the most consistent form. the first two tasks were supplemented in the most consistent form with a new one - to purposefully and consistently develop students' independence in searching custom dissertation writing service, their ability to acquire and creatively apply new knowledge. In accordance with the change of goals changed and methods of learning. While absorption of ready-made knowledge and its application were the only goals of the school, the methods of achieving these goals the means of reaching these goals were the means of communicating and showing the teacher, on the one hand, and the means of absorbing and and the students' reproductive practice. Everything that enriched these ways of learning, and contributed to the main objectives of the school of those social eras, and served as the methods of learning. When, however, new social conditions put new tasks before the school in addition to the former ones, new ways of learning are developed accordingly. new ways of learning are developed accordingly. New ways of learning are being developed accordingly in order to meet these new tasks, especially those that, along with acquiring and reproducing knowledge, which from the beginning played a decisive role in the learning process along with their practical application. and organization of cognitive activity of students at different levels. Thus, the way of learning using is a social category, because it depends on social conditions that determine the goals of learning and the ways of achieving them. The problem of teaching methods in domestic pedagogy belongs to those that are not immediately solvable. It cannot be considered definitively solved even now, as evidenced by the abundance of different points of view on the nomenclature and principles of its classification. The development of didactic methodology has a beneficial effect The development of didactic methodology has had a beneficial effect on improving the theoretical foundations of teaching methods.

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