Authored by Todd S. Wallin

Why writing essays is useful?

  1. Essays teach you to think. To write a text, you have to analyze a lot, search for information in books and the Internet, generalize your own or someone else's life experience, but if necessary, you can ask for help from
  2. Essays teach you to find the right facts, check and compare them.
  3. Essays develop logical thinking. Texts have a structure, all parts of which must be connected by the main idea. Keeping track of the logic of a narrative is an important skill that will come in handy later in college and in the workplace.
  4. Essays awaken your creativity. Writing from a template is boring and unhealthy. To write something really interesting, you have to be imaginative. Fans of essays in school often become writers in the future.

How to love writing essays

If you want your child not just to learn how to write formulaic essays, but to get a taste for literary creativity - we offer some simple tips.

Suggest that your child start a personal diary or blog. Let him try to describe interesting events in his life, meetings with people, impressions of books and movies, reflections on what bothers him. Such entries are also a kind of essays, they will help to learn to analyze and build sentences competently, you can get psychology homework help from EssayAssistant.

Foster your child's love of reading books, especially classics - it is a huge help for those who want to learn how to write essays correctly, or you can go deeper into history or get help at Books expand the vocabulary, teach beautiful and competent construction of sentences, develop imagination and make you think. The book will have a greater effect if the child writes a review on it after reading it. This is not only additional practice, but also an opportunity to "digest" the information.

Enroll your child in a literary club. There are writing schools, literary clubs, journalism circles and youth newspapers that teach how to write beautifully and competently. Often such groups send their authors to creative competitions - interesting tasks and prizes will help awaken a child's interest in writing.

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