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Treatment of ESA Dogs with CBD oil and CBG oil

Is your furry friend ill? Is regular western medication ineffective? Do you want to give medical cannabis a chance? The solution to all your problems may be cannabinoid extracts. Your ESA dog supported you when you were mentally stressed and now it's your turn to return the favor.

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The Healing Cannabinoids

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an active ingredient in the cannabis plant. Cannabigerol (CBG) is a relatively newer alternative medical cannabinoid. Both are cannabinoids that are derived from the same plants and can be used as medicine. If we talk about CBG vs CBD, there are a few key differences. CBG interacts directly with brain receptors, is harder to extract, and is more expensive.

Why use Cannabinoid oils?

CBD and CBG can be used in unison to help your ESA. If your ESA suffers from physical or mental discomfort, the intake of these oils will prove beneficial. Cannabinoid oils are natural so you know they are safer than synthetic medication. If you’re afraid that a cannabis extract will cause your ESA dog to lose its senses and get it ‘high’, you are wrong because it does not. A few important benefits of both CBG and CBG are listed for your ESA dog:

  1. Heart disease prevention:

As you probably already know, heart disease is very common in heavier dogs. Even if your ESA is not very heavy, you should start introducing CBD or CBG oils into their diet. If your buddy has high blood pressure or inflamed arteries, you can use this oil extract. For a healthy blood circulation system, give your companion a controlled amount of Cannabinoid oil. 

  1. Skin Allergy treatment:

Your ESA may be more allergic to common household items than other dogs. If your ESA has allergic reactions to dust, grass, or fleas, cannabinoid oils can help it. Some food items may also bring about allergic reactions such as chicken, beef, or salmon. Dogs with no allergies are likely to be hypoallergenic dogs themselves. So by treating your dog’s allergies using cannabinoid oils, you can reduce the chances of them spreading allergies.

  1. Pain prevention:

Your dog might be experiencing severe pain due to countless reasons. If that's the case, you should give it cannabinoid oil medication. Your dog's pain receptors can be slightly blocked and the nervous system might be optimized to minimize pain. Why can't you just provide regular pain medication? Well, that’s because your dog may experience much harsher side effects.

  1. Treatment of mental stress:

Dogs have a lot of brain function, therefore, you should understand that they may become anxious or depressed over time. You probably got an ESA dog because of your mental health but now it's time to care for theirs. If you are looking for an effective natural approach with minimal side effects, you should go for it.

Please consult an animal health professional regarding the correct dosage for your ESA dog. If you have read the article till this point, it can be assumed that you have an ESA. If you do not, you can simply consult a health professional to get an ESA letter. This letter may then be used to obtain a furry companion that never leaves your sight.

If your ESA dog is ill and you want to treat the illness without synthetic medication, go for cannabinoids. Both CBG and CBD can be used to provide immense health benefits to your furry friend. If your dog has had a bad experience with the side effects of western medication, try this natural remedy. Care should be taken regarding the correct dosage. It is your responsibility to take care of your dog, therefore, treat its illness with the utmost sincerity.

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