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Amazing topic ideas for cause-and-effect essays

Cause and effect essays are one of the most frequently written essays. Most lifetime stories fall in this type of essay, since life is a series of events and every effect is a result of a cause. Cause and effect essays are characterized by a cause or trigger that creates an impact in the form of a result. For example, global warming is an effect of pollution caused by humans. This topic is just a single statement that can be a basis to write a whole essay. Just like this topic, an essay writer keeps researching new topics to expound on the details. This account will be helpful for such writers to find some of the unique topics that can make great essays.

Writing can improve mental health – here's how

Before the list of topics is revealed, let’s see a few tips to write an essay effectively. These tips include being rational all the time and state all the arguments with proof. The structuring of the paragraphs should also be coherent and in connection with the previous one. Moreover, the opening and closing of the essay should be impactful to persuade the audience that the cause-and-effect relationship of the two constraints exists. Apart from paragraph writing, the indentation of paragraphs must also be contemplated in accordance with the format that is in use.I always consider these tips when I write my essay.

There are many formats that are used by writers all around the world. The most common ones are APA and MLA. APA is used for technical and engineering papers while MLA is used for literature and language papers. In APA there is a separate page for the title, while in MLA it is on the same page as the contents. The references page is on a separate page in both, with the difference of referring titles in APA as references, and in MLA as works cited. The indentation of every first line of a paragraph in both formats is 0.5 inches on the right side. These formatting rules improve the look of the essay and make it readable for anyone. 

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There are many other formats like Chicago, Harvard, and AMA that will not be discussed in this article as they are not frequently used. However, these formats do exist to be used for different applications, that are all about formatting and tips to write a good cause-and-effect essay. The following is a list of few ideas that can be opted by writers to compose an essay. But this list is not an end to the writer's imagination, they can always think of a new topic.

  • Diabetes is caused because of obesity.
  • An increase in population results in scarcity of resources.
  • Alcohol damages the nervous system of people.
  • Excessive use of the internet is bad for youngsters.
  • Smoking is injurious for the lungs.
  • Uber and other online cab services have damaged the business of taxi drivers.
  • Smoking is injurious for pregnant women.
  • Teenage dating is bad for personality development.
  • Children of single parents are lacking in many ways, especially in confidence.
  • The changes in the ocean are due to abrupt human activity and littering.
  • Global warming is a cause of temperature change in the whole world.
  • Civil rights movement will bring a positive change in society.
  • Black Lives Matter movement helped in restoring the rights of African American people.
  • Aggressive people tend to become murderers.
  • People who are abused as children are prone to be schizophrenic.
  • Social life has tarnished the communication skills of people.
  • Due to globalization, places to live and reside for humans are less.
  • Globalization takes us away from nature and wellbeing.
  • World wars are a result of people being unsatisfied with their living patterns.
  • Happiness is due to the contentment of people.
  • Over -consuming fast food is a major health risk.
  • Studying hard leads to good jobs.
  • Low economic status results in inequality in society.
  • Excessive use of social media results in cyberbullying.

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These are a few topics that can be used by writers to write their cause-and-effect essays. However, these are not the only topics, there are many other health, social, and cultural concerns that can be used as a topic of research in this genre of essay. If a person thinks a little more about cause-and-effect relationship, they will be able to think about countless topics to write cause-and-effect essays on. The topic selection is one of the most critical steps and one should not restrict their thinking to one genre or a set of lists. There are many other genres that can be picked on the choice of writer.

Hence, with the help of these topics, anyone can write an essay. But if you feel uneasy while writing, then you can bid on an essay writing service. They will help you in coming up with a topic or even writing the whole essay. Conclusively, a writer can take tips from this article or seek guidance to start working on the completion of their cause-and-effect essay.

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