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Ghost Blows Out the Lamp and People Pass by Yin and Yang _ The Old Man Is Afraid of the New Year

However, Sun Weimin vaguely felt that this Dan was probably born after the exuberance of the five elements in the human body, so the location of Dan's residence is under the stomach, where people call it "Dantian", which means the place where Dan lives. From this point of view, "Dan" is the sixth thing born of the five elements, and all the magical powers are in this magical small Dan, so there is the saying of "golden Dan", which means precious. Because "Chengdan" is a long process, and human life is too short. Therefore, it is much more difficult for people to cultivate the true elixir than the'earth immortals'. The'earth immortals' are the spirits in nature. It can be said that they are always carrying out the peaceful way of cultivating the elixir. And people, because of too much desire, the birth of desire is more complex, so it is difficult to achieve that kind of natural and peaceful'relaxed and quiet 'state, it is much more difficult to raise Dan. Many people who practice Taoism live in seclusion in the mountains and valleys, in order to find the "relaxed and quiet" state of tolerance and nature, which is what people call "avoiding the world and cultivating the truth". 'Earth Immortals' who raise elixirs are exactly the same as people, and they also seek the five elements of Qi. And they also have more ability than people, that is, "Tu Dan", this method is simple and fast, do not need to reconcile through the body can directly let Dan absorb the five elements of Qi. The operation method is very simple, that is,industrial racking systems, spit out Dan, suck it back, spit it out again, and so on. And the Dan they raise is somewhat different from people's. People raise Dan completely by their own harmony, which can be said to be very precious, so it is called'golden Dan 'color gold. Most of the elixirs of the "Earth Immortals" are red, which is called "yuan Dan", meaning the vitality of heaven and earth. Sun Weimin side cranky,shuttle rack system, while watching Jin Daya crazy in that raise Dan, can not help but also come to the interest, to Lao Hu and Fatty Wang told a story about raise Dan. Once upon a time, there was a Taoist priest who had always longed to gather Qi to become an elixir, but after decades of penance, he had not succeeded. Seeing that he was about to reach the age of sixty, could he not be anxious? As the saying goes, "It is rare for a man to live for seventy years." He also knew that he was not far from his deadline. In order to make a final effort, he decided to'avoid the world and cultivate the truth 'and go to the mountains to raise Dan. In this way, the Taoist priest found a deep mountain valley and lived in a cave. Every day, he ate wild fruits and drank mountain springs, and lived the life of an outsider. He worked very hard every day, often sitting on a big stone on the top of the mountain to get rid of the old and take in the new, swallowing the'jade liquid 'one mouthful at a time, and experiencing the way of becoming an elixir. Five years have passed since this practice. In the past five years, there has always been a fox near Lao Dao. At the beginning, warehouse storage racks ,heavy duty metal racks, the fox did not dare to approach, but looked at Lao Dao from a distance. Lao Dao looks at it for as long as he sits, day after day. After a long time, Lao Dao found the little guy and knew that the fox was stealing the teacher and wanted to learn the method of raising Dan. The Taoist priest did not take this seriously. He thought to himself, "I have been practicing hard for nearly fifty years, but I have not become an elixir. What can you, a brute, learn?". As a result, the Taoist priest also ignored the existence of the fox, but continued to practice his own cultivation Dan. Then something strange happened. Every time the Taoist priest left the top of the mountain, the fox quietly ran over and sat on the big stone. He also imitated the Taoist priest's appearance and looked up at the sky to suck and spit. As soon as the Taoist priest returned to the top of the mountain, the fox left knowingly and returned the big stone to the Taoist priest to sit on. This situation has lasted for ten years. Ten years later, as the saying goes, time and tide wait for no man. Lao Dao is already an old man in his seventies, and his health is getting worse day by day. He can't go to the top of the mountain on time as before. The mountain road is becoming more and more difficult for him. It used to take him only half an hour to climb the mountain road, but now it takes him more than an hour. Gradually, he simply stopped going up the mountain, but practiced in the cave. That day, the Taoist priest felt that he was in good health, so he tried his best to climb to the top of the mountain and wanted to sit on the stone again, because he knew that his days were numbered, and it was a revisit. After climbing up the mountain, the Taoist priest saw the fox from a distance. It was still sitting on the big stone, sucking and spitting, and it was actually'spitting Dan 'to nourish Qi. I saw a red bead the size of a bullet, sliding in and out of the fox's mouth, shining brightly, shining like a pearl. As soon as the Taoist priest saw this scene, he couldn't help feeling very sad. He recalled that he had spent more than sixty years on the road of cultivating the true elixir, in which he had gone through all kinds of hardships. Unexpectedly, in the end, it was not as good as a beast's ten years of training. While the Taoist priest was sad, it was hard to avoid some jealousy, and as soon as his mind moved, he hit the bad attention. He was not in a hurry to go over, but very carefully sat on the side to watch. He did not move until the fox finished collecting the elixir and gave up the stone to leave. As soon as the fox took the old road, he went down the mountain. From that day on, no matter how hard it was, the Taoist priest insisted on going up the mountain every day. He sat there early and waited to see the fox'spit Dan 'to nourish his spirit. As soon as the fox left, he went down the mountain. It's just that every time he sits, he's one step ahead of the day before. In this way, one day after more than a hundred days, the place where the Taoist priest sat was already within ten paces of the big stone. And the fox is probably used to all this, and did not care about the existence of the Taoist priest, leisurely to sit on the big stone, began to'spit Dan 'to nourish Qi. When the fox just spit out the'yuan Dan ', the Taoist priest suddenly opened his mouth and sucked the fox's'yuan Dan' into his mouth. As soon as Dan entered the mouth, the Taoist priest immediately shut up and swallowed it into his stomach. He immediately felt very comfortable and powerful in his body. As soon as the Taoist priest was pleased, he immediately turned around and ran away. He didn't look like an old man in his seventies. He was like an ape. He disappeared after a few strokes. Looking at the fox again, he found that his'yuan Dan 'had been swallowed. He was so angry that he ran into a big stone and died. And the Taoist priest who swallowed the fox'yuan Dan 'can be said to have changed his appearance from then on. He had crane hair, a young face,industrial racking systems, and a healthy body. It took him hundreds of years to become a Sanxian. Known as the Taoist who seized Dan, his name is not pleasant to hear, but he can't blame others for his own fault.

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