Authored by Long

The Peerless Shang Jiao of Rebirth

Fu Ssu-nien shook his head. His handsome face was calm. "I didn't spend any money," he whispered. "You don't have to worry about it." But out of the corner of his eye, he was paying attention to Pan Lang's reaction, but Pan Lang had no superfluous movements and expressions. His youthful and perfect face was calm, and his glass-like eyes were quiet and soft, as if he was just immersed in music. After a long time, he said with a smile, "This is good. I don't have to pick you up every day. It's really troublesome." Fu Ssu-nien did not know why his heart was slightly relaxed. Could it be that he was subconsciously a little worried about this teenager. When Tina heard Pan Lang's answer, she was not very happy. She pouted and said, "What? I didn't ask you to send me there. You have to pick me up in the morning and evening. It seems that I have caused you a lot of trouble. It's too much." Only Xin Tian's mother looked at Fu Sinian with gratitude in her eyes and repeatedly said, "Mr. Fu, I have given you trouble again. You have helped us so many times. I really don't know how to repay you." "Auntie Lan, don't say that. It's too polite to say that," Fu said with a smile as he drove. ———————————— It seems that it has not been collected for a long time. The dull place has passed, and it will be light and happy gradually. Is there any adjustment in this way. Keep asking for tickets and collecting. It feels good to be home. It feels good to be home. Tina lay lazily on the sofa, stretched out her long white fingers and said, "Pan Lang, go and wash some fruit. My throat is so dry." The handsome young man who was playing games in front of the computer, without saying a word, stood up and went to the kitchen to wash the fruit, packed it in a crystal transparent fruit bowl,wire mesh decking, put it on the tea table, conveniently put the TV remote control one meter away from her in front of her, glanced at her with a half-smile, and sat back in front of the computer. It was so boring. Since she got home, she lay on the sofa and kept ordering Pan Lang to do this and that. The guy was surprisingly good and had no resistance. She stared at his back, pouted discontentedly and looked sad. Pan Lang seemed to have eyes on his back and raised the corners of his mouth slightly. "Do you feel bored and want me to accompany you?" He asked softly. The word "accompany" is actually a dynamic verb. Two people sitting in a room, one watching TV and the other playing computer, each other as air,shuttle rack system, that is not accompany. Two people watching TV together, scolding unscrupulous directors together, or fighting for the TV remote control together, this is called accompany. Two people playing computer together, cooking together, walking together, chatting together, this is called accompany. Tina heard Pan Lang's words, I do not know why a little embarrassed, she and Luo Qunhang, Fu Sinian together, as if whether to speak or not language communication is not important, speechless can also be comfortable, but with Pan Lang together, push back racking system ,drive in racking system, do not speak not noisy, looking at him a person happy, the heart is uncomfortable. She threw a sofa cushion directly on Pan Lang's back, too lazy to explain to him, and ordered with a little delicate: "Turn off the computer and take me out for a walk by bike." Pan Lang's head was full of black lines and his handsome face was full of helplessness. He turned his head and asked, "Sister, do you know what time it is now?" Tina choked for a moment. It was ten o'clock in the evening. It seemed too late to go for a walk now. She looked at the time and hesitated to insist. Pan Lang had quickly quit the game, turned off the computer and said, "Let's go." Tina hung her head gently, and the corners of her mouth rose happily. —————————————— The night breeze is gentle, as if the lover's hand gently stroked the two riders, the shadows of the trees in the courtyard of the community, and the warm yellow street lamps lit up one after another. Tina sat in the back seat of the car, comfortable and relaxed mood for a long time, humming a tuneless song casually, listening to Pan Lang's handlebars crooked, almost throwing her off the car. Yeah, let's talk about it. It's safer to speak. His endurance is poor. If he hears this kind of song that tortures his ears again, he really has no strength to pedal. Ok In fact, she was deliberately humming the song like this, otherwise Pan Lang would have the ability not to speak all night and ride a bicycle with a stuffy head. She asked softly, "How is your work recently?" "All right.". "The person who just entered the studio was nothing more than a handyman, because Aqi looked at him differently. He had learned a lot of practical things from the photographer, which was lucky by comparison. He said softly," Yes, you invite me to dinner at noon tomorrow. " How inexplicably to invite him to dinner, Tina asked unconvinced: "Why?" Pan Lang was in a good mood and went on to say, "The scenery under your company building is very good and prosperous. It has been developed into a scenic spot by us. The story of the picture is that a man and a woman meet in the vast crowd. They fall in love at first sight and feel familiar for a moment." Tina slanted her head and said, "It sounds very artistic, but as you said, it's so busy, busy and crowded. I'm afraid other people won't be the background for you. It's not easy to shoot." Pan Lang nodded and said, "You're right, so this picture is called'Meet you among thousands of people '. As for the background, it's not particularly difficult because of the post-production." Tina suddenly thought of a funny thing, chuckled and said, "It's not that I always want to mention the subway, but now the subway is also a place for love. People spend a lot of time on the way to work, and some small things on the subway can easily lead to love stories.". When the subway opens, you can also develop there, such as a picture of a boy falling asleep with his head on a girl's shoulder, and a girl waiting to fall asleep on his shoulder. Or, a girl and a boy always get off at the same station in the same carriage at the same time. They feel sorry for each other, but neither of them has said hello. One day, the boy slept to the station but did not wake up. The girl took the initiative to wake him up. In fact, the boy did it on purpose. Pan Lang did not answer for a moment, but several pictures appeared in front of him,mobile racking systems, considering how to compose the picture. Tina saw that he was lost in thought again and misunderstood that he wanted to practice. She reminded him softly, "Say, don't really put your head on the girl's shoulder in the car. Be careful that people call it indecent assault and let everyone catch hooligans." 。

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