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The sky is red

"Uh.." "Tell me everything you know." "I didn't say you were bad." "I don't believe it!" "Well, your language is simple and concise." -0-!! Are the three demons really so good? ? "Like..?" For the first time, Ji yuan felt a little uncomfortable. He cleared his throat, but did not dare to speak loudly. He attached himself to her ear and said, "All the H plays are only taken by one sentence. XX is very big and comfortable." Sure enough, the language is plain and every sentence is refined!!!! Red is shocked! Angry! It's thunderous! My God, turn into a bolt from the blue and kill those guys!!! There was no time to update the physical examination of the unit today, but for the sake of everyone's enthusiastic reply yesterday, I made an exception. Drive me to death, hurry to do things, everyone has the wrong word to tell me, I will change next time ~ ~ Chapter 23 Seeing that she was already on the verge of collapse, Ji yuan stopped bullying her. He took a sip of tea and said in his spare time, "I believe you." "Eh?" Ji yuan smiled, "I believe you will not write a heavy taste of BL." A bosom friend! She didn't take the initiative to hold his hand, but she braved the starry eyes and said, "Do you really believe me?" Ji yuan nodded. You can't write about your sex. With that, he stretched out his index finger and touched his forehead lightly. His index finger was rough and hot. Red can feel along his fingertips,metal trim manufacturers, he passed the temperature to her, directly causing the face to suddenly heat up dozens of degrees, blood boiling ah. Red was startled by his sudden action, the body instinctively back, the chair did not sit down, almost fell. Ji yuan laughs: "Look, blush so easily,china tile trim, how to write the heavy taste novel of mouth mouth?" Because of the sudden intrusion of Ji yuan, the plan of Hong Qi was not completed in time. Half a month later, she only rose to a dozen in full service, but even so, she was on fire in the forum. The snow of martyrdom is somewhat depressed because of the infrequent online rate of sad birds. It doesn't speak much in the trade union, so it's even less. Except for punctuation marks, it's the word "hum." Silent to see him like this, a little anxious, thought for a while, a Li that boy must be because of no progress with the servant, so some depressed, so decided to add fuel to the flames. The sunshine is often on the line, and many people ask to join the kamikaze. Since the sky red to join the kamikaze Yuxue, stainless steel tile trim ,aluminium edge trim, this small union of only a dozen people is a fire, and was exposed to the snow of martyrdom and kamikaze a tree in the meeting, but also attracted many MM swarmed to. Quietly and shamelessly rejected all the male players who applied to join (hum, they all came for the red, and he wouldn't let them in-but he didn't know that the two biggest rivals were also in his ORZ), and then let in several female players, which was euphemistically called: competition leads to development, jealousy leads to love. A Li and Xiao You need a little catalyst, so that their feelings can advance by leaps and bounds! As a result, in silence, under the intention, many MM mixed in. [Lingbo Fairy]: Hello, everyone. My name is Lingbo. I am a big fan of SAMA kamikaze. [Grape Duo Duo]: Welcome. [Asuka Minano]: Good morning! My occupation is a wet nurse, and I need a handsome and rich GG belt. [Charming Dancer]: Good morning.. [Blue Fairy Tale]: Where is Lord Li Shang? I want to worship Lord Li Shang! [A lot of grapes]:.. [Wind and Snow]: Please organize a group to watch Lord Li Shang! [Charming Dancer]: Uh.. It seems that Snow SAMA doesn't like to be surrounded by people. [Grape Duoduo]: Mei, why are there so many new people today? [Meizhi Dancer]: I don't know. Ask him when the silence comes. [Rain in Sicilia]: Hello, my name is Sissy. [Mei's Dancer]: Rain in Sicilia? What a familiar name. [Lingbo Fairy]: Are you the rain of Sicilia? I have seen the pictures on the list, and the round face is very cute. Praise on the surface, in fact, implies that people are fat. [Rain in Sicilia]: Oh, thank you, sister. How can not understand the irony of others, but the snow from the war is still in the meeting, if counterattack, it is not to let people feel no literacy, besides, from the last contact, he should like the kind of weak and obedient girl. All the new MMs flattered each other in the guild. One said that XX's level was so high (ranking 500), the other said that XX's equipment was so beautiful and expensive, and some people said XX's life skills were so powerful that they would discount weapons for me in the future. Barabara piled up, praising each other openly and flattering each other secretly. So that the snow of martyrdom or the kamikaze can notice themselves. But it's a pity that Snow SAMA can't see the system prompt because of the annoying dialogue that keeps jumping out, so it's directly blocked by a click of the mouse. As usual, Hongqi went to the sky to practice the level of Hongqi's number. By the way, he opened the number of the sad bird and hung up. But before he switched it, he silently seized the opportunity to send a message. [Silent]: Little worry, little worry. Why don't you talk recently. [Sad Bird]: ^ _ ^ I'm hanging up. [Silent]: What's wrong? [Sad Bird]: If you want to take the exam, you can take more exams after the exam. [Silent]: Well, Xiao You should talk more. The union is much more lively than before. [Sad bird]: Uh-huh. By the way, did you add the rain from Sicilia? Red is not a person with a broken mouth, but she likes the guild of kamikaze Yuxue very much. With the rain of Sicilia as a person, if there is a frame-up again, then. So the talkative asked. [Silent]: Do you know? [Sad Bird]: Number one beauty on the list. [Silent]: Oh, no wonder. But Xiao You,tile trim factory, don't be nervous. I know a Li best. He is not the kind of person who judges people by their appearance. Sad Bird: -0-! Do you mean to say that you are a person who judges others by their appearance? I'm going to tell Lord Red! [Voiceless]:-,-No, no! Li and I are the same! No matter red is ugly or beautiful. I will always be on her side.

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