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Don't pick up your boyfriend in the trash.

There was a piece of clothing with an iron plate, a simple bulletproof suit, and the bullet was stuck in the steel plate of his heart, which had been deformed. Seeing the bullet that had not been fired, the panther seemed to breathe a sigh of relief and knelt directly beside Chi Xiaochi, with misty blue in his eyes, which did not match the blood-red of his whole body. Chi Xiaochi stroked the hair on his back that exploded and coaxed him in a low voice: "Boss, boss." It lowered its head, not daring to hurt him, but daring to bite Chi Koike's hair. Just as a man and a leopard were hugging each other, a surprised and frightened male voice came from behind him: "Qiuyun?!" Chapter 135 I raise a big cat in the end of the world (14). Chi Xiaochi wanted to turn back to test his results, but the coal boss fell down, blocked his hands and feet, isolated his line of sight, suppressed him so that he could not move, bent over and left a hot blood kiss on Chi Xiaochi's side neck. At the same time, 061 said coldly in his mind, "Don't move." Chi Xiaochi was stunned and did not move. As soon as Sun Yan heard the familiar voice, he exulted, "Lieutenant Gu!" But when he turned around and saw the face,alumina c799, he didn't dare to recognize it for a moment. Gu. Lieutenant? For no other reason, Gu Xinzhi has changed too much. He was almost as thin as the long gun he was dragging in his hand, and his eyes were black. If his eyes had been cold before, now they were only cold and frightened. Sun Yan was surprised and suspicious. He had no time to think about how the energetic young man had become like this. He wanted to snatch Ding Qiuyun back from the claws of the coal boss: "Boss, don't hold Captain Ding like that. Let him catch his breath.". Be obedient. His voice was trembling. Boss, after all, is a beast. Although he hunted beasts before,7g Ozone Generator, he never showed malice to humanoid creatures. Now that he had seen human blood, Captain Ding was injured again. He was really afraid that the leopard would become a beast and attack Captain Ding. Who would have thought that the crisis he had anticipated would not happen at all. The fierce beast that had been slaughtered wantonly just now actually listened, let it go to one side, and seemed to intentionally or unintentionally block it between Gu Xinzhi and Chi Xiaochi, circling and pacing impatiently, as if it were really anxious. Sun Wei breathed a sigh of relief and pressed a few times along Ding Qiuyun's open front to confirm that the organs had not been injured by the shock, but only a slight rib contusion, and the heart in his throat swallowed with a thump. When he came to his senses, he could take care of his old comrade-in-arms who suddenly appeared here. He turned to look and was surprised to find Gu Xinzhi standing still, with a sleepwalking expression on his face. In his impression, if Gu Xinzhi still has a trace of popularity for anyone, it is none other than Ding Qiuyun. Captain Ding was injured. How could Lieutenant Gu look like he was wandering in the sky? He did not know that Gu Xinzhi thought this was his dream of Nanke. Gu Xinzhi stared intently at Ding Qiuyun on the ground, thinking that he had seen the same beginning so many times, and this was the most different. Finally, steatite c221 ,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, Yan Lanlan broke the silence. She looked back and forth between Ding Qiuyun and Gu Xinzhi several times: "Do you know each other?" “…… Comrade-in-arms. This is Chi Xiaochi's answer. He put his elbow on the boss's back, took two deep breaths, struggled to get up, and hastily pulled the loose clothes: "Lan Lan, Sun Yan, go.". If there are new humans nearby, they can't not come when they hear the gunfire. Sun Yan was surprised at Ding Qiuyun's complete disregard of Gu Xinzhi. He was a little at a loss: "Captain Ding, Lieutenant Gu.." Chi Xiaochi walked out, completely regarding Gu Xinzhi as a transparent person who did not exist here: "Go." Gu Xinzhi opened his eyes slightly. This time, the plot seems to be different from before. He took two steps after her and called in a low voice, "Qiuyun?" Chi Xiaochi limped to the door of the mall, heard the call, shook his body, raised his arm to the door, gave a low laugh, and then turned half his face. Gu Xinzhi was confused by his laughter. He has seen such Ding Qiuyun. The muscles on his face were twisted, and the corners of his mouth were even slightly raised, but his eyes were gray and heavy, and the deepest despair and hatred were accumulated in them, which turned into eyes and made people feel cold all over. In his recurring nightmare, he was seen by Ding Qiuyun a thousand times. He once pinched Ding Qiuyun's neck in his dream and begged him over and over again not to look at him like that. However, for two years, he has been living under such eyes, watching that pair of eyes once soaked with trust cold again and again. This is the first time Qiuyun has looked at herself like this at the beginning of her dream. Ding Qiuyun quickly withdrew his gaze and stepped out. Behind him, Gu Xinzhi suddenly picked up the gun and quickly pulled the trigger. The bullet whistled over Ding Qiuyun's shoulder, turning the remaining half of the head of the new human who had quietly poked his head out from behind the truck and wanted to attack Ding Qiuyun into a slag. Gu Xinzhi dragged the gun, walked quickly to Ding Qiuyun's side, put one hand around his waist, and picked him up directly. Although Gu Xinzhi is thin, his strength is amazing. Walking to the truck compartment, he picked up the thick curtain with the still steaming barrel of his gun and motioned to Ding Qiuyun's team members to help him into the truck quickly. Yan Lanlan felt that this person's mental state was not right, but also intuitively felt that her family's Ding team had a strange attitude towards this person, not like love, but like enmity, so she did not want to have any intersection with him. But Gu Xinzhi didn't pay attention to her opinion at all. When Ding Qiuyun was carried into the car, he jumped into the carriage, held the gun, squatted beside Ding Qiuyun, and knocked on the roof of the car: "Drive." …… In the dream, he had been hanging out with these people for at least a few decades, and it had become instinctive to follow them to get on the bus and leave. However, this time there are several new faces that have never been seen before, and an adult leopard crouching beside Ding Qiuyun, which makes Gu Xinzhi even more confused. Is it really a dream this time? In the cab,Ceramic Bobbin, Sun Bin asked in a low voice, "Brother, isn't that your comrade-in-arms? I've seen it in the picture." 。

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