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Words do not know Li Yalin is not intentional, with his strength, the scope of attack should be wider, the spread should also be greater, but Li Yalin as if he had picked out the general, just aimed at the cathedral where the head of the paladin, the original magnificent cathedral in ruins, and turned into a huge hole more than ten meters deep. This shows how terrible Li Yalin's blow was. "No.." It's impossible. Under such a powerful attack, the head of the paladin had not yet died, but by this time most of his body had been buried in the soil, staring at Li Yalin in midair, the head of the paladin refused to admit his failure. "You really can't be saved." Li Yalin shook his head, his expression without a trace of pity. As soon as he raised his hand, a golden circular magic array was launched between heaven and earth. Countless golden light arrows with sacred breath fell from the sky and buried them in the place where the head of the paladin was. Shen Fanke! Yes, this is indeed a punishment from God, between heaven and earth has lost its color, everyone can only see the sacred light arrow falling from the sky tearing the earth in front of them, of course, Li Yalin is not a good killer, killing innocent people this kind of thing he will not do, so after God carved,Ozone generator ceramic plate, the tragedy is only the head of the paladin. After killing the head of the paladin, Li Yalin was also successfully promoted to the intermediate demigod. The experience of the demigod-level opponent was really good. Although it was a pseudo-demigod, it was enough for Li Yalin to be promoted. After all, Li Yalin had reached the bottleneck before, and what he lacked was such a vent. Dancing the wings behind him, Li Yalin slowly landed on the ground. After taking back his wings, Li Yalin once again turned into a young man with unremarkable glasses. But at this moment,Ceramic Band Heater, no one dared to look down upon Li Yalin. On the contrary, everyone looked at Li Yalin with unprecedented piety. The young man in front of him was an angel from heaven to earth. Chapter 483 the tuneless angel. Chapter 483 the tuneless angel. "Lord.." Although Li Yalin has taken back his wings, but the believers around him are still very pious kneeling in front of Li Yalin, has been unwilling to get up, even the Pope of the Vatican is the same, although he can not judge whether Li Yalin is a real angel, but the white wings, pure light power, this can not be faked. "Yalin, you." Aria that a few girls have long seen the wings of Li Yalin, once again see although the same shock, but will not be too surprised, but Meiya is not the same as Ai, but she has never heard of Li Yalin or angel of this matter, this is still their own understanding of the Li Yalin? Is he really an angel? "Don't be so surprised, 10g Ozone Generator ,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, it's just a matter of blood." Li Yalin smiled and looked at Meiya. Although he had known for a long time that his transformation would cause considerable effect, it seems that he still underestimated the effect. In the end of the world, what people lack most is faith, and the soul loses its sustenance, which is a terrible thing. At this time, the role of religion will expand indefinitely. This is also the rapid development of the relationship between the Vatican and the Holy See after the outbreak of the crisis in the end of the world. Most of the survivors who are good in their hearts regard God as their sustenance. It is not so difficult to understand the gathering place of the Holy See. And at this moment, the believers believe that the messenger of God appeared, the real angel fell to the earth, this is simply explosive news for believers, God has not abandoned us? Did God send a messenger to save us? This is the idea of the vast majority of believers, of course, there are a small number of people do not believe in the identity of Li Yalin, but these small shrimps are unable to set off a big wave. Even the pope of the Vatican, in this case also had to admit the identity of Li Yalin, he dare not imagine, if he chose to be an enemy with Li Yalin, he will face how terrible consequences, after all, there are so many cardinals under himself, but there is no lack of ambitious people, as long as he sells flaws, when the time comes, the wall will fall down. You can imagine your own fate. Li Yalin is quite calm about the attitude of the Vatican. His request is very simple. The Vatican's gathering place belongs to him. Major decision-making power must be in his hands. However, considering the particularity of the Vatican's gathering place, he will not interfere in the internal affairs of the gathering place unless there is a big change. That is to say, as long as Li Yalin has a nominal identity, the gathering place still belongs to the Holy See, the Vatican also belongs to the Pope, nothing has changed, but there is one more Li Yalin above the Pope. But for the Pope of the Vatican, it's really good news to kill several birds with one stone. It's totally beneficial for him to have a nominal angel on his head. And recently, more and more believers have joined the gathering place. Together, the Holy See gathering place has begun to develop in a good direction. The matter of the Vatican has come to an end for the time being. Li Yalin did not take it too seriously at all. With the three major gathering places in hand, it is only a matter of time to complete the main task. It is really easy and simple. Well, now Li Yalin is extremely headache, gathering place and so on, for him is not a problem at all, but the girl in front of him, but let Li Yalin do not know what to do. "I said Meiya, we are good friends, right? Friends should be treated equally, right? What are you doing?" Li Yalin looked helplessly at the exorcism nun in front of him. There was no expression on her beautiful face. She stood respectfully beside Li Yalin. How could she make people feel so uncomfortable? "No, I don't have the qualifications to make friends with Lord Angel." For Li Yalin's words, Meiya just answered with a straight face. "I know you're angry that I'm hiding my identity, but I didn't mean to. Meiya, can you forgive me this time?" Anyone who sees his friend suddenly change to such an attitude,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, will not be able to accept, the most important thing is that Li Yalin knows that this is Meiya in a fit of pique with himself, so this time or to use the word "coax" ah!

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