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Jade Hairpin League-Wolongsheng _ txt Novel Paradise

Qin Anqi had never thought that the other side, a young man who was not as old as the weak crown, had such an amazing deep skill. He took the first palm, and was shocked in his heart. He saw Xu yuanping's second palm coming, which was more ferocious than the first palm. Where did he dare to take it? He turned sideways and let it go. Xu yuanping was worried about Ding Ling's injury and had the idea of making a quick decision. As soon as he saw that Qin Anqi was no longer forced to take his own hand, he immediately deceived himself and raised his hand to brush it away. Qin Anqi, the dragon of the sea, turned sideways and shouted "straight to the Yellow Dragon" in one fell swoop. Since Xu yuanping and the God beggar Zong Tao were in the desolate temple, after a fight, they had gained a lot of experience against the enemy. When they saw Qin Anqi hit them with a punch, they pretended to dodge and leaned back, completely exposing themselves to the enemy. Qin Annam how willing to let go of this opportunity to hurt the enemy, suddenly sink the wrist, the fist sinks, from a direct blow to a downward blow, fiercely to Xu yuanping's lower abdomen above the chop. Suddenly see Xu yuanping body a turn, the right hand disease like lightning in the horizontal straight copy, Qin An female only feel a numbness on the wrist of the right fist, the main point of the pulse gate has been buckled by Xu yuanping hand, the presence of Dongting Lake general village master, see the general village leader in less than three, has been captured by the other side of the main point of the pulse gate, all heart was shocked, face discoloration. Xu yuanping dragged Suo Anqi to the edge of the bamboo and stone array, stopped,Alumina Ceramic C795, buckled the right hand of Qin Anqi's main point, but the left hall was on Qin Anqi's back, shouted loudly in his mouth, pushed his left palm forward, and pushed Qin Anqi into the bamboo and stone array. Xu yuanping captured Qin Anqi's awe-inspiring power, which shocked the whole audience. Although there were eight masters in the Dongting Lake General Stronghold, none of them came to the rescue at the moment. When Xu yuanping turned around, the eight men roared and swarmed. Zha Yu shouted, "Stop." Across three paces,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, he said coldly, "If anyone wants to try Chajiapu Bee Tail Poison Needle, please come up." The eight people are the eight who have been in Jianghu for a long time. They have heard the name of the Bee Tail Poison Needle in Chajiapu for a long time. When they heard Zha Yu drink it, no one dared to go first. For a while, they all stayed in the local area and looked at each other. No one was willing to try the poison first. With a slight smile, Zha Yu raised the bee-tail poison needle in his hand and said, "Get out of the way!" Sure enough, the eight men made way for each other. Zha Yu looked back at Xu yuanping and said, "Brother Xu, please go ahead. Let the brothers deal with such a man who crows like a cock and steals like a dog." Xu yuanping praised, "Brother Zha's reputation is well deserved. I admire him very much." Striding first through the eight people. Ding Feng followed Xu yuanping with her sister in her arms. Zha Yu controlled the bee tail poison needle and walked at the end. Eight people were shocked by the prestige of Zha Jiapu's bee tail poison. They watched three people pass by with their heads held out and dared not intercept. When the three of them walked into the mixed forest, Xu yuanping suddenly stopped and said, "Miss Ding Ling's injury should not be delayed for too long. Let's heal her injury here before we go." Ding Feng glanced at Xu yuanping and slowly sat down to straighten Ding Lingjiao's body. Xu yuanping looked at Zha Yu and said, "Brother Zha, please protect the Dharma for me now. I want to heal Miss Ding Ling." "Don't worry, Brother Xu," said Cha Yu with a smile. Xu yuanping said, ceramic welding tape ,Kamado bbq grill, smiled, sat cross-legged, secretly luck, until the Dantian hot air rose, then slowly stretched out his right hand, against Ding Ling's back'Mingmen point '. At this time, his internal strength was already very profound. As soon as he touched Ding Ling's vest in his hand, the heat immediately rolled out of his arm. In less than a meal, she heard Ding Ling coddled and feebly shouting, "I'm so hot!" Open your eyes slowly. A gust of mountain wind blew up her messy hair. Ding Fengruo called out "sister" sadly and happily, and put out the fire in Ding Ling's arms. Ding Ling in the seriously injured, wake up, the whole body is soft and weak, Ding Feng this attack, how can she bear, with Ding Feng attack to the body, the whole body fell back. Xu yuanping had just withdrawn his right hand against Ding Ling's back and was about to stand up when he caught a glimpse of Ding Ling falling back and unconsciously stretched out his hand to help her. The two sisters' delicate bodies all fell into Xu yuanping's arms. When Ding Feng first jumped up and reached out to embrace Ding Ling, he saw her lying in Xu yuanping's arms with her eyes closed, panting. He was so tired that he could not help but be slightly stunned. He crouched down, grabbed Ding Ling's hands, and shouted, "Sister, are you frightened?"? When I saw my sister wake up, I was so happy that I forgot that my sister was powerless after her injury. Ding Ling slowly opened her eyes and said with a smile, "Don't be afraid. I don't care." She looked up at Xu yuanping and said, "Sister, pull me up hard." Ding Feng picked up Ding Ling with a strong wrist and helped her stand up. "Sister," she said, "the third uncle is here, too!" Ding Ling smiled and asked, "Where is the old man?" "The third uncle is trapped in the bamboo and stone array.." said Ding Feng. Ding Ling was startled and said, "What?"? Can the bamboo and stone array trap uncle? Xu yuanping spread out his hands and shouted, "Oh, we have to go back to look for her." "Who are you looking for?" Asked Ding Lingqi. "Look for the girl in purple who set up the bamboo and stone array," said Xu yuanping. Ding Feng-ri bet on Xu yuanping's anxiety. Unable to tell what was in his heart, he blurted out, "She drove us out of the battle. Why are you still looking for her?" Xu yuanping said, "She said she would give your sister a prescription, but we forgot to ask her for it." As soon as Ding Fengwei thought about it, she nodded and said, "Yes, then go quickly. By the way, you ask her to send the third uncle out." Xu yuanping looked embarrassed and hesitated to answer. Although Ding Ling was extremely clever, she could not hear what had happened from the conversation between the two people. She couldn't help asking, "Sister, what's the matter? Tell me carefully." Ding Feng at this time according to the words very detailed to the people array for her healing process said again. Ding Lingwei thought deeply and then asked, "Sister, if you think about it carefully, have you missed anything?" "No," said Ding Feng. "Then hurry back," said Ding Ling with a smile! She's not kicking you out, she's asking you to come out and help her beat or kill the person who set the fire. You throw Taianchi into the bamboo and stone array, which is more to her liking! Zha Yuzuo felt a shock in his heart and said to himself, Yes,ceramic igniter electrodes, it is widely said in Jianghu that Gu Yunmeng, the ghost king, is very talented. It seems to be true.

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