Authored by Petersen

One mirror forgets the river.

"Master, if she is not wrong, then the fact does not exist and can be seen by the eyes, should be an illusion.". What she saw just now was all about this point. I'm curious to see if there is anything suspicious. Xishuang squatted down and pushed aside the Bush with both hands. I don't know what kind of vegetation it was. The thin flower stems were covered with sharp thorns. She fiddled a little, half of her hand was pricked at least a dozen small holes, although only slightly painful, Gan Wangmei face nervous, an arrow step over, grabbed her wrist, see the flow of blood as usual, only to rest assured. Xishuang doesn't care about these minor injuries. Soon someone knowingly handed her a shovel from behind her. Xi Shuang did not look back, only whispered thank you, took the shovel and dug up quickly. Her digging posture was standard and quick, and in a short time, she had dug out a two-foot square hole, and all the shrubs and flowers on it were uprooted and thrown aside without mercy. Is there anything down there? Gan Wangmei asked again. I haven't found it yet. Keep digging. Xishuang simply stepped into the hole with both feet,endless pool swim spa, and started faster. Gan Wangmei wondered what she was doing besides making mirrors? It is very handy to do these things. When the spade finally touched something hard and made a tinkling sound, Xishuang stopped. "There's something down there." "Don't touch it. Let me do it." Gan Wangmei stretched out a hand to Xishuang. Both hands of Xishuang were covered with mud. She grabbed Gan Wangmei's sleeve without caring, and dyed the cuffs of the best moonlight silk dress with mud stains. Instead, she grinned. She didn't take risks, and the master of the house had to be careful. What is there to be afraid of, buried here in the dark? Gan Wangmei jumped into the pit. I was a little surprised when I stepped on the thing on the sole of my foot. When the shovel fell from Xishuang's hand just now, it made the sound of gold and stone. She thought it was a very strong thing. How could her feet be slippery now? This feeling made her feel very uncomfortable. There aren't dead people down there,jacuzzi bath spa, are there? A female disciple asked the person next to her in a frightened whisper. What are you talking about? Where did so many dead people come from? Jingyue hurriedly pulled the two people who whispered away and stared at each other. She really thought that the master of the house was busy and neglected this side. She didn't know that the family's eyes and ears were good. She went back to look for you carefully to settle accounts after autumn! The disciples did not dare to gossip. Gan Wangmei took out something from the bottom of the pit, held it in both hands and handed it to Xishuang, who was standing on the edge of the pit and looking down at her: "Why is there a mirror under the bushes and flowers?" Xi Shuang and Gan Wangmei's eyes fell on the mirror at the same time, and frowned at the same time. The disciples next to him saw it in their eyes and felt that they were always 67% similar to each other. Some people start late, I do not know what happened more than ten years ago, simply want to mistake Xishuang is the illegitimate daughter of the master, no wonder dare to shout in front of the master to make up their minds. What does this mirror look like? Gan Wangmei threw the problem directly to Xishuang. Like a puppet mirror, but not a puppet mirror. Xi Shuang has seen the real puppet mirror in Gan's house. The big one was put away by Gan Wangmei, and the small one was given to Shuipo as food. Although the size has changed, the shape is roughly the same, and the shape of this mirror is indeed like a puppet mirror. Where do you see that it is not? Gan Wangmei asked again. The mirror surface of the puppet mirror is not like this. The mirror body on this side is much more crystal clear. Xishuang was thinking that the puppet mirror of the Gan family had been left behind, jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers ,whirlpool hot tub, and the original owner had died long ago, so the mirror body always had a layer of fog that could not be removed. The side in her hand is bright and clean. She was so energetic that she could see that the master was still alive in the world, so she answered affirmatively, "This is a mirror of life, which breaks away from the master and forms an entity disguised as what we see." A spiritualist takes the mirror of life out of himself, disguises himself, and at the same time digs a deep hole to bury the mirror of life. This series of actions is somewhat inconceivable. The mirror cannot be separated from the master's body for too long, unless the master is carrying the secret medicine. This truth is understood by all those who cultivate spirits within the scope of Jingchuan. If the master's body is not injured or sick, the mirror of life can leave for almost three days. To put it in a complicated way, as Gan Wangmei guessed, someone can prepare a strange elixir to make his life mirror break away from the shackles of the body and blossom two flowers, one for each. To put it simply, the mirror will not be buried for three days, and the man will come back to get it. The purpose of camouflage is easier to explain. The mirror body of this life mirror is rare and rare, just like the Moon Treasure Mirror of Suzhan Tea. Even if her appearance changes, as long as she sacrifices her life mirror, someone will recognize her true identity immediately. Xi Shuang suddenly one Leng, Han Sui's life mirror is what, she unexpectedly does not know! This man has not taken out the mirror of life at all. Is it true that the enemies he has met so far are too weak to be worthy of his all-out efforts. The more Gan Wangmei thought about it, the more she felt that Xishuang's statement was more likely. She said angrily, "They are all blind. They really treat Gan's family as a place. They throw all the good, bad, ripe and rotten things here.". This man is not afraid, we found this piece of vigilance, directly to the broken, let him regret the pain. "What if this man is helping the Gan family? The mirror of life is buried here for an extra layer of protection." Xishuang learned to return the problem to his opponent. This possibility is not big, if it is to help the Gan family, why should be timid, hide the head and tail, there is no need at all. Gan Wangmei listened to the words of Xishuang, quickly calculated in his mind, who might do such a thing, for the Gan family timely help, and do not want to render meritorious service, the sword goes to the extreme, leaving only the mirror of life guarding. She scrolled through all the names she could think of three times without a clue. What kind of person she is, what kind of person she makes friends with, those people will never be willing to risk their own risk to do such a thing. Xi Shuang spread out his hands and said with a smile,endless swim spa, "Even the head of the Gan family hesitated. There are already two different possibilities for me and you.". The balance in your mind begins to sway from side to side, indicating that you will not smash the mirror, which is currently safe. 。

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