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Bitter enemy pulled me to do wechat business after crossing [Jin Tui] (common number: Xitulanya Everything House

"Yes, yes." Zhuo Qing beamed in an instant and understood the hidden meaning of the elder. Wan Xiaomei works hard. As long as she is enterprising, a bank executive can't run away in the future. The elder saw that the scientists had to study for a long time, so he took Zhuo Qing to leave first and gave the place to the scientists, which was a good thing, indicating that they thought these things were promising. If it was a fake, they would be making trouble now. Zhuo Qing has only seen the elder and Zheng Zong at the top level at present, and Zheng Zong can only be regarded as half of the officialdom. Now the elder personally took him to Zhonghai for a stroll, drank tea with the big brothers for a while, and knocked melon seeds for a while. Seeing these people who had only seen on TV at ordinary times, Zhuo Qing did not feel much nervous, and still played the image of an obedient junior. Perhaps Zhuo Qing's talent in the realm of immortals has been brought to the earth, or perhaps Zhuo Qing is now in the limelight, all the big brothers are willing to give him face, in short, the atmosphere at the scene is very good, the big brothers treat Zhuo Qing like a close junior. Zhuo Qing found that the Feng Shui atmosphere around these people was very smooth, thinking that probably those people at the upper level of the Feng Shui Association often recuperated for these people. Originally, he wanted to appear in front of people, but now he has no chance. However, he still gave one of them a magic weapon, but he made it clear that these magic weapons were useless, and that their geomantic aura was good enough now. This thing can also play a little bit of increase effect, good-looking is over. Although Zhuo Qing said so, the big brothers immediately brought the geomantic instruments sent by Zhuo Qing. Even if it is only an increase, a little more effect is also good. This is a master of geomantic omen. No,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, it's the magic weapon of a master of geomantic omen. He Han intends to join the Chinese Feng Shui Association to build a scientific and modern new Feng Shui, and is now studying it. The elder talked about Zhuo Qing knocking out the people he brought back, "but he may be old, and the training effect is very bad.". Sure enough, as Xiao Zhuo said, after the modernization of Feng Shui, only the ability of Feng Shui has little effect. "It doesn't matter if his scientific literacy is too low. He can do what other geomancers used to do." Zhuo Qing swallowed the melon seeds and said, "But after the quantum computer comes out, the traditional geomancer will really be eliminated." "How do you say that?" A big man asked. When I was working on the quantum computer, I had almost studied the basic characteristics of the geomantic particles. When the quantum computer comes out, the instrument for observing the geomantic field should also come out soon. At that time, to regulate geomantic omen, we only need to collect evidence with instruments, stainless steel welded pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Coil, then use quantum computers to calculate the energy field to create a mathematical model, and finally according to the mathematical model, we can get the optimal solution. "People who are born to see the Feng Shui aura may still be better than ordinary people in terms of deployment, and it still takes a Feng Shui master to regulate the Feng Shui aura.". But the geomancer only needs to draw a gourd according to the gourd, which is equivalent to the construction of workers according to the design drawings. When the time comes, there will be no difference between setting up a geomantic array and building a house now. Zhuo Qing explained. Many bosses nodded, saying that if Feng Shui work can enter this process in the future, then Feng Shui can be promoted throughout the country. Scientists have not yet studied all the data. They have decided to live there and not leave for a while. The elder silently gave up his small yard as a temporary confidential research site. Zhuo Qing also failed to leave, and was pulled together by this group of scientists who could be his uncle or even grandfather. The Great Elder was very happy. This means that quantum computers are very promising. Zhuo Qing is very unhappy. Originally just missed New Year's Day, but now in a twinkling of an eye, it's already New Year's Day, and these scientists are not going to have a Spring Festival holiday! Although he is now spending the Spring Festival with Wan Xu, he has already discussed with Wan Xu to give himself a Spring Festival holiday. During the seven days of the statutory Spring Festival holiday, they threw away all their research and had a good rest for seven days. How can you do this! Zhuo Qing wanted to work passively, but when he saw the scientists who had closed their doors and had no time to dye their hair and turned back to white-haired, he had to continue to study with them with a bitter face. Wan Xu: "…" Isn't he the one who followed the study? Every day, Zhuo Qing goes out to eat and drink, climbs the roof to bask in the sun, or stays in the house to play games on his mobile phone. Where on earth is he tired? Are you too tired to play? He has been staying in this small yard and scientists to study difficult problems, Zhuo Qing has been around the neighborhood, there is no sense that this is a confidential place, and even became a pet here, even the canteen uncle heard that the cat eats human food, after not avoiding certain foods, he even cooked for him alone every day, even the big brothers did not have this treatment! Wan Xu looked at the cat who sighed and said that he was too tired. Finally, he could not bear it any more and exchanged his body with Zhuo Qing. Zhuo Qing: "Meow?" Zhuo Qing: "Wan Xu?" Wan Heimao jumped into the tree and dozed on his stomach. It's my turn to rest. Zhuo Qing: [No! I can't do it at all!] Wan Xu: [Can't go to school.] Zhuo Qing: [Don't go on strike, is it a question of whether I learn or not! Is it really good to have a sudden change in research work? Wan Xu: [Good. Now it's just mechanical work, and you're only responsible for calculation. Lend you the Xuanyuan Sword and calculate your total number. Zhuo Qing: [No! I won't!] Wan Xu: [If not, strike.] Zhuo Qing wanted to kneel down with a splash. Wan Xu, you have changed! You didn't used to be like this! Wan Xu did not lift his eyelids and went back to sleep. Who eats, drinks, and plays while showing off in front of him? He's been putting up with it for more than a month, and he's not allowed to break out? Do you really think he has no temper? Zhuo Qing knew he was wrong and knew it thoroughly. If time rewinds, he will definitely eat, drink and play far away from Wanxu, and never show off in front of Wanxu. Zhuo Qing side control Xuanyuan sword, when an emotionless human calculator, while shouting in the heart. Wan Xu said he was on strike, but he actually went on strike! It's not a threat! Without the slightest hesitation! After eating the special cat meal from the canteen uncle, Wanheimiao gracefully wiped his mouth with a napkin and belched leisurely. …… Last year, Zhuo Qing took the largest traffic in the scientific community. Unexpectedly,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, just after the turn of the year, Zhuo Qing had a new paper, which once again exploded the scientific community.

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