Authored by Petersen

The fairy wife dressed as a male partner is Jane Yirong.

In a word, Ji Han had no idea in his heart. He took advantage of the situation and hugged Luo Lingling who rushed over. He bowed his head and kissed her on her white forehead. "I miss you too, little girlfriend." Fang Jing and Yan Wanglou came out of the kitchen and happened to see this scene. Fang Jing was stupefied for a moment. Ji Han and Ji Siwen looked somewhat similar, especially in their eyes, which were both long and narrow. Yan Wanglou was sensitively aware of it and looked at her warily. Good brother twenty-eight years to finally find happiness, he does not want to let anyone destroy, especially this person or Luo Ling Ling's good friend, do not lead the wolf into the house? Before he went home, he knew that Fang Jing was coming to stay for a period of time, and that she had just broken up with Ji Siwen. What's the matter? Fang Jing looked at him doubtfully, how could she feel that this man was somewhat hostile to herself? Yan Wanglou lowered his voice, "Although Brother Han and Ji Siwen are a bit like each other, they are not the same person, and Brother Han can't be a substitute for Ji Siwen." Fang Jing went through his words in her heart before she figured it out. She looked at him in an incredible way. "Your brain circuit is so strange. I was cheated by a scum man, and then I will like him because other men look like scum men."? I'm not a masochist! "Scum?" Yan Wanglou wanted to think, suddenly smiled, "I tell you, Ji Siwen that boy has been Yin since childhood, you are right to leave him." Fang Jing frowned. "Hey,304 Stainless Steel Bar, don't mention that name to me. It will affect my appetite." Luo Lingling took Ji Han's hand and said, "Brother Han, this is Fang Jing, Jing, this is Brother Han, and this is Brother Lou." "Brother Han is good, Brother Lou is good." Fang Jing also knew that she had just mistaken her for someone else and said again,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, "I've caused you trouble." "It's okay." Ji Han waved his hand, "My family Ling Ling is young and not sensible. Thanks to Miss Fang's care in the crew, Miss Fang is not polite here. Just treat it as her own home." Luo Lingling snorted, "Young and ignorant people have made hot pot for you. Do you eat it?" "Eat!" The other three spoke in unison. Four people set a big table of dishes, Luo Ling Ling and Fang Jing drank sparkling wine, while Yan Wanglou and Ji Han drank beer. Full of wine and food, Fang Jing sighed: "This is the most full I have ever eaten since I was a child. Ling Ling's craftsmanship is really not covered." As usual, Luo Lingling was a little stupefied when she was full. When she heard someone praising her, she nodded with a smile. How could Ji Han miss such a good opportunity to take advantage? What's more, he and his little girlfriend had not seen each other for a day. They stood up and directed Yan Wanglou: "Ah Lou, clean up the bowls and chopsticks, and wipe the table clean." With that, he went straight away with Luo Ling in his arms. Fang Jing: ".." I feel that Aya is a bit like a little white rabbit taken away by a wolf. What's going on? Obviously, the little white rabbit broke the wrists of three drunks ferociously. I'll help, Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet ,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, too. It's not good to eat and drink freely. Fang Jing also helped clean up the dishes and rolled up her sleeves. "I'll wash it." Yan Wanglou watched her throw away the leftovers and put the dishes into the sink. He looked around for detergent and asked, "Can you still wash the dishes?" Aren't actresses all delicate and don't do housework? "Yes, when I was a child, I could eat more if I worked more. The dean also liked diligent children, and sometimes I could get a candy!" Fang Jing looked for a long time. "Do you know where the detergent is?"? These bowls and chopsticks are too oily to be washed clean without detergent. Yan Wanglou slowly pointed to the cabinet, "that is a dishwasher, can not use detergent, with dishwashing powder." Fang Jing: ".." What's wrong with this guy? I watched her work for a long time before reminding her. She hadn't used the dishwasher yet. She squatted on the floor and studied it carefully for a long time. "Is there an instruction manual?" "No." Yan Wanglou put the bowls and chopsticks in by himself. "You said the dean, what kind of dean is it?" After all, is to live together, after a painful lesson ten years ago, Yan Wanglou will not easily trust others, not to mention Fang Jing and Ji Siwen were lovers, who knows if it is a bitter plan. If he had enough time, he would have investigated it himself, but today he knew that it was too late to investigate, and he always knew when he asked. Fang Jing stood up, "it's the director of the welfare home. I grew up in the welfare home when I was a child." Where are your parents? All Passed away? Yan Wanglou suddenly had a feeling of sympathy. Fang Jing shook her head, "I don't know, I shouldn't be dead, but I don't know who my parents are, and I don't want to know." Yan Wanglou understood that this should be abandoned by his parents. Exposed others' scar, Yan Wanglou felt a little embarrassed. "Let me tell you an embarrassing story about Ji Siwen," he said. "Let you be happy." He and Ji Han, who are three years older than Ji Siwen, grew up together and knew each other very well. Don't. Fang Jing waved her hand, "I'm just full. Don't let me spit it out. I don't want to hear the name." She pointed to the dishwasher. "Do we need to watch this?" "No, it will dry automatically after washing." Fang Jing gave him a strange look. "Then why are we standing here staring at it?" Yan Wanglou scratched his head, "chat?" Fang Jing smiled gracefully: "Thank you, Brother Lou, for chatting with me. I feel in a good mood." Yan Wanglou: "..." It seems to be satirized. Two people come out from the kitchen, just a bodyguard comes to knock on the door, "Yan Zong, Ji Ershao has been wandering on the road outside." Yan Wanglou glanced at Fang Jing. Fang Jing frowned. "I didn't tell him.". Forget it, I'll tell him clearly. If she lived in her own place, she would not pay attention to how long Ji Siwen lingered. Yesterday, Ji Siwen left by herself. But this is Jihan's place, and the two brothers are incompatible, so she is worried that she will cause trouble for Jihan. Ji Siwen lowered his head for a long time, heard the door ring, raised his head, saw Fang Jing through the front yard out of the door, immediately excited,brushed stainless steel sheet, "Jing Jing!" Fang Jing looked at him coldly, "I have made it very clear that we are over, and we can never be reconciled again." 。

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