Authored by Davis

Hunting country

In the earliest days, Green's scorched earth policy was carried out so thoroughly that the granaries stored in the village had already been burned to ashes, not to mention food, and even several wells had been blocked with stones. Fortunately, after the rainy season, there was a small pond at the entrance of the village, which could barely drink horses. As for the cavalry, they had water bags and dry food with them. The family had already moved to Denzel City, and the house was empty, probably blown by the strong wind during the rainy season, and the door panels had fallen aside. Shaya simply took people directly into the house. There were not many furnishings in the house, and after soaking in the rain, there was a smell of decay, and even a few clusters of mushrooms grew on the boards in the corner. After Xia Ya carefully identified it and confirmed that it was non-toxic and edible, he asked people to boil a pot of water and happily stew a pot of mushroom soup. This night had nothing to do, Xia Ya's thirty horse thief cavalry, since can follow Xia Ya side, nature is selected out of the elite. But after all, after running around for so many days, everyone was tired. After drinking the delicious mushroom soup, only the night watchman was left. He found firewood at random in the room and spread it on the ground. He lay down and rested. In less than a moment, the snoring in the room came out like an avalanche. As an officer, Shaya naturally occupied the only bed board in the room-although most of the bed board had collapsed, Shaya slept soundly. Anyway, he was from a poor family, resting with a roomful of rough men, listening to everyone's snoring, and not feeling uncomfortable. Only this night, Xia Ya lay on the bed board and slept for less than two hours, but he suddenly woke up. I always felt a little strange in my heart, as if it was a sign of a sixth sense,Magnesium Sulphate price, as if something big was going to happen. This keen feeling, which has been cultivated in the mountains since childhood, is not reasonable, but with Xia Ya's experience, this feeling has saved him many times. How can he sleep when he suddenly has this strange feeling again tonight? He simply got up, touched the fire fork in his hand, and quietly went to the yard outside the house. Outside the courtyard, the cavalry of the vigil was still conscientiously guarding the four outside, and two secret sentry posts were set up in the two rooms next to the outside. Seeing that Xia Ya came out alone, the soldiers on vigil immediately greeted him. Before he could open his mouth, Xia Ya waved his hand and motioned to the other party not to salute. He laughed in a low voice and said, "I drank too much soup at night. Find a place to put water.." Don't shout, the brothers are tired and sleeping soundly. Shaya walked out of the yard. Anyway, there was no one in the village. He found a corner at random and opened his pants to urinate. In the evening, I drank a lot of mushroom soup, and when I finally finished urinating, Magnesium Oxide powder ,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, I suddenly heard a strange noise coming from a distant place in the dark. Shaya's heart jumped and she listened carefully. After a while, she recognized it as if something like a dog was barking. He didn't care and staggered to go back, but after only two steps, he was suddenly startled! The village has been deserted for nearly two months! Not to mention food, there is no grain in the village! Even rats have nothing to eat, where is the dog?! As soon as the idea moved, Shaya instinctively realized that something was wrong. He ran back into the yard, hesitated a little, and called only two soldiers of the vigil to follow him, and he searched quietly in the direction of the sound that had just come. The night was quiet, and Shaya took a few more steps and heard the voice in the distance. With two soldiers on night watch, they ran quietly to the entrance of the village. By the faint starlight, they saw two or three dark shadows nestling faintly beside the small pool of rainwater at the entrance of the village. One of them was drinking water with his head down to the water's edge, while the other two were nestling together on the ground, making a sound of crying and groaning from time to time. Xia Ya looked at it carefully for a while before she couldn't help laughing. Where is the dog, it is clearly three wolves. I don't know which mountain forest nearby came out, but it came to this village. Probably because the village had been deserted for too long and there was no human habitation, these wild animals were so bold that they came to the pond at the entrance of the village to drink water. When Xia Ya saw it clearly, he made a gesture to the two soldiers behind him, thinking, "I've eaten dry food for two days. If I go back with a wolf, I can get a meal of meat tomorrow.". He slipped the fire fork back into his waist, and both soldiers had short crossbows in their hands, which had been captured from the guards of the Governor's Palace in Corsica. Three men crept up, in the dark, flutter two, two short crossbows fired at the same time, two horse thief cavalry head are very good, directly hit the head of the two wolves, the two animals did not hum, was killed directly. But the third head is stretching out his head to drink water, Xia Ya grabbed a few steps, the fire fork in his hand was thrown far away, and with a splash, it plunged directly into the back of the wolf. Xia Ya's strength is very big, this hand throws out, immediately nailed the wolf's body, firmly nailed to the ground! The third wolf, unable to die for a moment, suddenly opened his mouth and howled. Xia Ya had already caught up with him and stepped on the wolf's neck with one foot. With two clicks, he broke the wolf's neck. The two soldiers behind him cheered and ran up happily to carry the bodies of the three wolves back. But this time, Xia Ya in the side actually saw clearly, suddenly the facial expression is a change, stares at the wolf corpse on the ground: "Yi?!"! What is this The bodies of the three animals on the ground, all covered with gray and black fur, looked like wolves. But they were much larger than the common gray wolves in the mountains of Byzantium, more than two circles larger, and their fur was thicker. In particular, to Shaya's surprise, the three wolves each wore a metal collar around their necks! This is clearly not a wild animal, but someone domesticated! The collar on the wolf's neck,Magnesium Oxide MgO, Xia Ya saw, two of his soldiers naturally also saw, suddenly three people's faces are somewhat unusual. Shaya looked at the two of them and frowned. "Have you ever seen such a thing?" 。

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