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The beacon fire of Wulin

Less than two hours later, as he had expected, the "Golden Monk" had already appeared and caught up with him. He ran quite fast, but he was not alone. He seemed to be followed by two old men with an arrow behind him! Yue Chengtian waited until the "Golden Monk" had passed, and then waited for the two old men to approach. Under his gaze, he could not help exclaiming in surprise, "Oh, these two old fools are actually disciples of the'God Falcon Lao Zu '!" He had no choice but to follow up two more arrows behind. In this way, the "Golden Monk" would probably disappear, but he had no way. There was no shelter in the current place, and the detour would be discovered. Fortunately, he had guessed the whereabouts of the "Golden Monk" for a two-day journey. The three sides were in a hurry, passing through the town of "Gansen." The town of "Wuerteng" had not yet settled down, but in the evening it rushed to the "Gezikule Lake" on the new border of Gansu. There was a town named "Zhunya'er" by the lake. The "Golden Monk" settled down at the head of the town, while the two old men settled down near the "Golden Monk", and Yue Chengtian went to the end of the town. In the third watch of the night, Yue Chengtian quietly closed the door and went out. He pulled himself out and went to the room. After seeing the direction, he ran to the place where the "Golden Monk" lived. With his skill, it was absolutely no problem to deceive the three of them. When he heard this, he suddenly felt that the prostitute monk seemed to be discussing things with someone. For a long time, he sneered, "So it's two'Red Luo Warriors'. They all followed the'Red Luo Enchantress' to surrender He recognized that the "Golden Monk" was calling the two "Red Knights" back to report! He seemed to be talking about the tracking of the two nameless old men. "That's a good idea,metal racking systems," he thought to himself. "I have to try to provoke the'God Falcon Lao Zu 'to fight with the'Genshi Sect'." Thinking about it, he immediately left the shop where the "Golden Monk" lived and looked for the place where the two old men stayed. Just set foot on the roof of the neighbor, suddenly saw the end of the town rushed up seven or eight shadows, such as flying away from the town, which made Yue Chengtian greatly suspicious, gave up his original intention, pulled himself up, and ran after the shadows! The eight dark shadows rushed toward a forest with extraordinary speed. Yue Chengtian had been chasing them for an hour,pallet rack shelving, and he finally chased them to a deep valley. He looked up and saw a strange cliff standing on both sides, more than two hundred feet high. The future was a dangerous peak, showing that there was no way out. When he approached, he recognized the other eight disciples of the "God Falcon Lao Zu" and thought, "That old monster must be at the end of the valley!" Suddenly he felt a movement behind him, and immediately flashed to his side. He looked back and saw two dark shadows running towards him. He recognized the two old men who had left the shop in the town. He thought to himself, "Ten of them are here!" He immediately followed the two men forward, and when he reached the end of the valley, he saw that it was a forest on three sides and a dangerous cliff on one side. There was only a stone flat under the cliff. He did not dare to get too close to it. He stopped at the edge of the forest twenty feet away and peeped at it. Near the cliff on the stone terrace sat the "God Falcon Lao Zu." Ten old men sat in two rows in front of him. Strangely, none of them said anything. Yue Chengtian looked up at the sky, but did not see a "God Falcon", thought: "The old monster may have sent them out to find out the news!" Suddenly, I heard several long roars from the top of the peak, followed by dark shadows falling like stars. Seeing this, Yue Chengtian suddenly said, push back racking system ,medium duty racking, "It turns out that the'God Falcon Lao Zu 'has been in conflict with the'School of Hatred of the World'!" He saw the first to land in Shiping, "Ma Luo Ling Zhu", "Red Luo Enchantress", "Luocha King", not a few, followed by "Jin Ling Princess" Biji, "Tianzhu Demon Monk", and "Three Wonders of the North". They were followed by more than 20 "Red Luo Warriors", plus the two elders of Luocha, and finally appeared in Qin and Bai! "God Falcon Lao Zu" is still sitting, only his ten old disciples have changed their positions, at this time they are all standing behind him, in terms of strength, the Hen Shi faction seems to be much stronger, but they all seem to know that the other side has a group of God Falcon and seem very nervous! As soon as the two daughters of Qin and Bai arrived, they were immediately protected by the characters they brought. They seemed to be loyal to each other. However, in Yue Chengtian's eyes, it seemed that there was still a difference, because the two daughters took the "Princess Jin Ling" Biji with them, and the "Three Wonders of the North" were behind them. This phenomenon showed that there was a distinction between the core and the periphery. Just when both sides were silent, Yue Chengtian suddenly had one more person behind him, which almost didn't startle him. But when he recognized that it was the ninth Taigong, he was overjoyed and said, "Taigong is from Bawangfeng." Jiu Taigong nodded and said, "Your teacher says you want to make it clear to the'God Falcon Lao Zu '. The old man can't rest assured, so I'm here to find him." "That's an old fool," said Yue Chengtian. "I don't know why we're up against the'world-hating faction '." Jiu Taigong said, "The old man knows very well that it was the'God Falcon Lao Zu 'who deliberately destroyed the'Wulin Forbidden Zone', and many people who guarded the forbidden zone have been killed!" "Well done," said Yue Chengtian. Nine too fair: "This fight must be quite fierce, both sides dare not start first!" " "I haven't seen any of those strange birds, but I don't know where they are," said Yue Chengtian. Nine too fair: "Don't you see the big cloth cover behind the old fool? There is a big bamboo silk cage inside, and the'God Falcon 'is hidden in it!" Yue Chengtian said in surprise, "So that's what happened. I thought it was a luggage bag." Just then, the white and red calyx said in a loud voice, "Lord Sally Valley will go out to meet the old monster for a while!" As soon as her voice fell, the "Red Luo Enchantress" came out with a very respectful expression. As soon as Yue Chengtian saw her, he asked Jiu Taigong, "What is this name?" Nine too fair: "Sally is the'Red Luo Enchantress' real name, is now Qin, Bai two female faction as the'Jueyue Valley 'Valley Lord!" Yue Chengtian said with a sneer, "The two girls really have a few tricks." Jiu Taigong said, "And the'Luocha King 'has become their deputy commander, while the'Maluo Commander' has become the manager of the'Super Dust Cliff '!" Yue Chengtian listened to Jiu Taigong's words and fixed his eyes on the arena. As soon as the "God Falcon Lao Zu" lifted the cloth cover behind him, he suddenly released a "God Falcon." He laughed and said, "You little woman are a bad seed. I've fought for you!" He cursed and waved his hand, and the "God Falcon" immediately launched an attack,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, which made the "Red Luo Enchantress" in a hurry! As soon as Bai Hongcalyx saw that something was wrong, he sent "Luocha King" and "Ma Luo Ling Lord" to reinforce him! "God Falcon Lao Zu" suddenly laughed and said, "You'd better all come. My old man's birds haven't fought for a long time!" 。

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