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Devil's law

Moments later, he suddenly asked, "There are so many legends about Nanyang people.". So did you say. Is the so-called Father God building the temple in God? The so-called'ancient times'. How many years ago was it? A thousand years? One This will make it difficult for Jolene. The female knight looked sad. "My Lord.". The question you asked. I also checked it carefully. But unfortunately. The culture of these Nanyang people is much more backward than that of our Roland continent, and it can even be said to be ignorant. Although the tribes on the island of Brahman. It is much more advanced and civilized than the Tu people in the north near our empire. But generally speaking, most of them are still in a state of semi-barbarism. The most depressing thing for me is. There is no unified calendar in the whole Nanyang! Speaking of this, Jolene seemed to be somewhat dumbfounding: "There are more than twenty tribes on the island, but each tribe calculates and records the time.". It's all completely different! We Roland Continents. A day of habit. January. A year. When it comes to them, it's not like this at all. Some tribes will make the sun and the moon appear once. Just for one day, but.. If there are several days in a row, the sky is cloudy and the sun and moon can not be seen. Then they also think that this'day 'has not passed! Until the sun and the moon came out. It's the end of the day. But in this way, according to the habits of our Roland people, I don't know how many days have passed! There are more tribes. There is no concept of "heaven" at all. They only count'generations'. This'generation 'is even more vague, and they are accustomed to it. The duration of the reign of the head of the tribe. Even as a'generation '. If this patriarch dies. With a new patriarch, it is a new generation. But the problem is. People's birth, old age, illness and death, God knows how long and how short it is. Maybe some patriarchs have a long life. If they live to be seventy or eighty years old, they can also be counted as a generation. And some patriarchs are short-lived,radio shuttle racking, dying in one or two years, and they are also a'generation '. Like this kind of strange calculation method, there are many, really can be regarded as strange. Therefore, they themselves are vague about the length of time, and I can't judge how many years ago the temple was according to their myths and legends. Some tribes say that many generations have passed. But God knows how many years this generation is?! When Du Wei heard this,shuttle rack system, he couldn't help laughing. So it seems that it is really difficult to judge. However, in his mind, but gradually gave birth to a guess. Dewey, how are you? Surprised? Hum! Could it be that the so-called Father God is Aragorn? Or, look at it another way. Up to now, the level of civilization of Nanyang people is still very backward. I'm afraid a thousand years ago, in the time of Aragon, they were even more ignorant! After Aragorn arrived in the South China Sea, he went to the volcano on the island of Brahman and built a temple. He was the strongest man in the mainland. Naturally, he had great magical powers. It was not surprising that he was mistaken for a God by those ignorant natives of the South China Sea. As for the so-called temples later, the new gods in a mess. Wind God, fire God, rain God, automated warehouse systems ,metal racking systems, thunder God and so on, most of them are Aragorn's own disciples, trained out of the subordinates! It's not hard to guess, it's not hard to understand. With Aragorn's skill, it's easy to teach a few magicians of various departments. What is called by the aborigines as the God of wind, the God of fire, the God of rain, and the God of thunder, I'm afraid it's just the magician of the wind, fire, water system and so on taught by Aragon! So it seems that the myth of Nanyang can also be explained, and the words on the soles of Lufik's feet can also be explained. As for later.. Myths and legends rarely mention "Father God", probably where Aragorn left, or. He's dead. It's all possible. After losing the Father God, the disciples trained by Aragorn were naturally not as powerful as Aragorn. As a result, in a volcanic eruption, they all died. It's not that the gods punish humans for abandoning humans. But volcanic eruptions, those magicians in the temple, they can not resist, or all dead, or scattered as birds and beasts. It is also reasonable to say that they have drifted among the people and dispersed. Even Du Wei suddenly moved again in his heart, and even thought further, why did Aragorn go to the South China Sea to build a temple? To bless the benighted natives? Du Wei can't guess these questions. After all, although he was Aragorn, he could not answer these questions himself before the memory of his past life was awakened. As for. The volcano erupted.. Du Wei frowned and thought. If there is a group of magicians in the temple, a mere volcanic eruption may not be able to make a group of magicians all die. Even It could be the bitch of the goddess of light! These things can be thought about later. Du Wei put away the map, the heart suddenly came up with an idea: perhaps, if there is a chance, he should go to the South China Sea to see the island of Brahman? Then he looked at Jolene and said, "That's all for the myth and legend. Tell me, how much did the United Kingdom of Nanyang pay for the ransom to redeem their little king?"? How many good things have you brought back for me this time? Speaking of this topic, Jolene smiled. At this moment, her smile, even a bit like Du Wei. Just as Du Wei was so insidious and cunning on weekdays. "My Lord." Jolene smiled and said, "When I went there this time, I took more than thirty boats with me. Before I went to sea, I tried to get some more. In the end, our fleet reached eighty!"! In one year, we lost three ships on the way because of storms, reefs and some accidents during the voyage. This time I brought back a full seventy-seven boats! This time I brought twenty ships to the imperial capital,Automated warehouse systems, but the main force still stayed at Walker Port on the southeast coast of the mainland. Moreover, because the Lancang Canal was too narrow after all, all the largest ships could not come in and stopped at Walker Port. Because the harvest this time is too big. I really can't bring it to the imperial capital at one time. Du Wei's heart began to beat violently.

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