Authored by Davis

Smell the fragrance and know the ghost

As soon as Miao looked up, he asked in a very low voice, "Do you know if Gu Zhiqiu planted flowers?" "Planting flowers?" Miss Bai's face was blank. "He seems to like to keep some plants or something.". What's going on? What does this have to do with flowers and plants? Miao Yi looked around and looked very mysterious: "I only told you that you must keep it secret." Opposite Miss Bai kept nodding, jumping in the candlelight, her deep eyes like a deep pool, like a huge whirlpool surging, that ripples out of the deep feeling and sweetness, simply to drown Miao in it. Mom, this is called the hero sad beauty. Miao Yi sighed in his heart and spoke out. Do you know how James died? Said it was a poison extracted from some kind of flower. What kind of flower is that? Miao thought hard and finally sighed, "Look at my brain. I can't remember what kind of flower it is. Anyway, it's right to plant flowers." "Huh?"? Flowers and plants can kill people. Is the poison in the tea? Miss Bai is obviously very interested in this matter. Maybe it's in the tea. Didn't the pot of tea spill? He barely dipped a handkerchief in it, but the forensic doctor said that the tea could not be tested at all. I can only check the big box of tea slowly. But there are so many tea leaves that it will take a few days to detect the poison. Hum, when the time comes to see what Gu Zhiqiu can say. "I'm really sorry. It's all my fault that your evidence is broken. Inspector Luo didn't embarrass you, did he?" Miss Bai apologized. No, no, it's nothing. I'm careless. It's all right. Our boss and I have a good relationship. As soon as Miao smiled, he seemed to be aroused by Miss Bai. With the interest of talking about the case, he went on to say,Rotating sludge scraper, "Actually, our boss is mainly busy with the Amelen apartment these days. We can't worry about James's death. We have to wait until we finish that thing. One by one.". But Gu Zhiqiu's suspicion is really too big, I estimate that your company may have turbulence ah. Miss Bai still has to plan early for herself. Miss Bai nodded, "I see. Thank you so much. We are all like headless chickens these days. We don't know what to do and what not to do. I have some plans in my heart if you give me a definite answer.". The Amelen apartment, but Mr. Zhang jumped off the building? What's the matter? Didn't you jump off the building by yourself? I read the newspaper. Oh, it was written by Miss Su. It said that he had gone to see Miss Su before he died. He, like me,Wall Penstocks, had a terrible prediction. "Hey, no, that's a fake." Miao waved his hand. Fake? What fake? Oh, Mr. Miao, you are so bad. You deliberately let people have butterflies in their stomach. In fact, I am the most curious one. Can you tell me? I won't tell others. Miss Bai was coquettish and angry, and her beautiful eyes were full of affection. On the opposite side, Miaoyi's body was already half crisp. He sighed in his heart, "Chief, your arrangement is really too torturous. It's like putting Miaoyi on the fire.". As soon as Miao hesitated, he made up his mind and said, "Well, I'll just say one thing. Keep it secret." "You can rest assured that I won't say anything to anyone." Miss Bai put her hands on the table and looked at Miao Yi with a smile. In the warm candlelight, fine bubble diffuser ,filter nozzle, Miao Yi was a little absent-minded, as if she was really in love. Her heart was full of sweetness and tension, and her heart was in a panic. Miao Yi cleared his throat and said, "Actually, that Mr. Zhang was murdered." "Huh?"? Didn't he himself go to see Miss Su and tell her about the prophetic dream? "Mr. Chang, who went to tell Miss Su a story, is a fake!" Miao Yi's words completely shocked the opposite Miss Bai. She opened her mouth slightly and her eyes were full of surprise. Miao Yi seemed to be very satisfied with the panic effect he had created. He lowered his voice and said, "That man is a fake. He is pretending to be Mr. Zhang. He must have been inspired by what Miss Su wrote about your prediction, so he ran to pretend to be Mr. Zhang in order to kill Mr. Zhang." "The man was caught?" No, but I caught it right away. The man was as stupid as a pig. He was probably short of a lot of money, so he called Miss Su several times to say that he had important news to sell to her. Think about it, ah, what kind of person is our Miss Su? She recognized his voice the first time, and now she pretends to promise him, waiting to catch him when we meet. When the first trial comes, won't we know what the specific situation is? You see, how clever Miss Su is! She's been holding that man steady, just waiting for him to take the bait. "Well, Mr. Zhang's case will be solved soon." Miss Bai asked thoughtfully. Yes, Miss Su has made an appointment to meet him tomorrow. As soon as they meet, everything will be clear. I guess this man is just a small potato, hired to work, and I don't know who the big boss behind the scenes is. After dinner, Miao Yi drove Miss Bai back to the Riverside Building very gentlemanly. Watching Miss Bai Pinting's figure disappear at the gate of the apartment, Miao sighed heavily, moved the car, turned a corner, and stopped in an unnoticed corner. He rolled up the window, looked at the lights on the Suzhou River not far away, and suddenly hit the steering wheel with a hard punch. What's the matter? Hurt by love? In the darkness, Luo Yin and Su San turned out from nowhere. Su San said with concern, "Silly, how painful it is to hit you." As soon as Miao opened the car door, he said, "Chief, I just feel bad.". I don't believe Miss Bai is that kind of person, but. But tonight I can feel her acting. "She's an actress, and she's trying to cheat a young man like you with a pinch in her hand." Luo Yin snorted and touched Miao's forehead with some dissatisfaction. "Look at you like this, the sky has collapsed.". She made you break the evidence, and now you can't detect the specific ingredients of the tea, and you're still here. Su San didn't want them to have an argument. She looked at her watch and said, "She should have finished talking to Mrs. Zhang by now,multi disc screw press, right?"? I don't know how the little one is preparing. "I am very relieved that he will never fall into the honey trap of others, unlike this little red guy, the beauty of a few eyes thrown silly." 。

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