Authored by Rossman

Fall into the hands of the big brother

The three school bullies have to sit together, which is jokingly called the "triangle of death" and is not close to people. Shen Ying is quite strange, every day the book is divided into "sleeping Maori Kogoro" Qin Zhengyang, why people are afraid of each other. Until one day, he announced in public that he had a crush on her and kissed her forcibly? The most ridiculous thing is that she also fantasized about whether his lips would have a sweet taste? # It tells the story of two big men who fall into each other's hands. There are small scenes of life and sweet plots. Generally speaking, it is slow to heat up. There are suspense behind it, which is not scary. Friends who like it can order a collection quietly. Content tag: Flowering Season and Rainy Season Female Strong Suspense Reasoning Campus Search keywords: Protagonists: Shen Ying, Qin Zhengyang Supporting roles: Ao Tian, Song Qing, many others: adolescence, rebellion, growing up, family , Chapter 1 Rukawa Airport, G City. Outside the No.36 gate of T2 International Terminal, people carrying suitcases, picking up and sending off the airport are crowded and the traffic is endless. Directly below the house number, two women stood. One was in his thirties, wearing sunglasses, close-fitting leather, shredded meat, a yellow printed silk scarf of Versace, and his white arms were looming. Ankle-length high-heeled boots on his feet, a LV bag on his right arm, a wax mark under the zipper of the bag after maintenance,L Methylfolate Factory, and a gorgeous red lip. A teenager, wearing a cap backwards, a loose sweater and Levi's ripped jeans, a pair of white Nike board shoes, the black logo on both sides of the shoes is a little white, but clean. The woman that wears silk scarf calls Song Qing, she handed a piece of airline ticket to go: "Ying Ying, you choose." She felt that her eyes were locked on the girl, but she couldn't see the expression when she wore sunglasses. With impatience written on her face, Shen Ying squinted at the ticket,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, which said the destination was "London". The boarding time was 16:34, and now it was 15:40. She did not speak. The woman sighed, "I have said what I should say. You have grown up. Mom will not make choices for you. You are responsible for your life." Song Qing packed her bags overnight last night, saying that she wanted to take Shen Ying away from G City. She said that there were two ways to choose, one was to go to London, England, and the other was to go to Nanyun County, Song Qing's hometown. However, no matter how Shen Ying chooses, Song Qing goes back to his hometown, Nanyun County. Robber's choice. Shen Ying sneers, "responsible?"? Is it a good word for you to talk to me? With her hands in her pants pockets, she walked to the entrance of the subway station without looking back. When she passed a trash can, she threw the crumpled ticket into the recyclable bin, leaving Song Qing alone looking at the bags of luggage and not knowing what to do. Song Qing smiled bitterly, "I'm sorry, Yingying." Then he bent down, Nonoxynol 9 Factory ,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, put the LV bag beside the two levers of a medium-sized suitcase, unlocked the wheel lock of another large suitcase, and dragged it to the subway station with both hands. When the door of the subway carriage was about to close, Song Qing rushed over with big bags and small bags. The door of the carriage was about to close. She kicked the suitcase and slipped over, just stuck the door. The door alarm bell rang, and the door opened as she wished. Two subway workers with red armbands rushed over, waving their hands and shouting: "Madam!"! You can't do this! Easy to get pinched! All I need is a whistle, just like the traffic police command. Song Qing smiled and apologized, saying, "I'm sorry, Comrade, I'm chasing my daughter.." Shen Ying was shocked by her mother's feat and gasped, her chest bulging high, her face burning. Shame! Into outer space! After Song Qing got on the train, someone in the carriage secretly looked at her, perhaps unable to believe that such an elegantly dressed lady would make such a move. Yingying, why don't you wait for your mother? Shen Ying pretended to be deaf. Mom is talking to you! "Talk to me." Almost acting like a spoiled child, Shen Ying was speechless. She frowned and stood a few steps away. She curled her face and said coldly, "You stay away from me." Song Qing is just a flash of trance and then laugh red, completely unmoved by her daughter's iceberg breath, but laugh even more heartless. "Yingying, I tell you, we are going to take the green train later, oh, in this era of bullet trains and airplanes, we can only take the green train to Nanyun County!"! Mom often used transportation when she was young, the speed is slow, but the time is also slow, you can slowly enjoy the scenery along the way, slowly chat with strangers around the next door, slowly.. Shen Ying was completely impatient and interrupted her: "OK, do you know you talk too much, like an old woman!" As soon as the words came out, she thought it might hurt Song Qing's heart, but the next second she changed the topic. Yes, speaking of the old woman, we have to talk about your grandmother. We are going to live with her this time. When I was a child, I took you there. I don't know if I have any impression. But in the small county town, the public security management was too bad. When I was 4 years old, I took you back and lost once. When I was 6 years old, I was almost abducted by bad people. I was so scared that I didn't dare to take you there anymore. You're not afraid when you grow up now. "But it's really full of my mother's childhood memories. When I was a child, I loved to swim in the Jade River near my home. It used to be as green as jade. Later, industrial development turned into black water. It's a pity. But in recent years, the slogan of grasping both sides of economy and environmental protection has been shouted everywhere. The county should have some governance." "Ouch." Far from it. You also know that your grandfather left early, a family of seven, your uncle, your aunt and me, a few mouths waiting for feeding are fed by your grandmother alone, it's not easy to pull us up.. All the way to the gap in front of the station, Song Qing's mouth was not idle for a moment, racing against time to fill the gap. Shen Ying leaned against the wall of the carriage, standing lazily with her long legs overlapping. She closed her eyes for a while, played with her cell phone for a while, and did not express any opinion on what Song Qing said, nor did she know whether she had listened to it or not. But this does not prevent Song Qing from gushing, she has become accustomed to,Quillaja Saponin, if she does not speak, Shen Ying will certainly not take the initiative to speak. It seems that the mother and daughter have been getting along like this since two years ago. Everyone noticed the change. Strange, but no one mentioned it. Shen Ying did not expect that the first time she took the green train would be squeezed out of shape.

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