Authored by Rossman

River from endless scenery from the end (scenery from the end)

Despite her doubts, she slowly closed her eyes. Iron River's hand gently pushed her back in the chair. Raise your hand, press your thumb between her eyebrows, and gently massage from inside to outside. The heat on his hands is constantly passed on. Like a soldering iron, it ironed her forehead. A kind of indescribable comfort, gradually eroded her consciousness. Iron River looked at the end of the twisted eyebrows gradually loosened, the corners of the mouth moved, showing a smile. He looked at her carefully. After a while, he gently stroked her cheek, and the greasy skin seemed to stick to his fingers. Some nostalgia, but still let go. As if to resist the urge to touch her again, he put his hands in his pants pockets. Since the end opened his eyes, Tong Tiehe leaned against the desk, blocking most of the light. …… Much better. She murmured and raised her hand to her forehead. He curled his lips. Her face was suddenly a little hot. Just now, she almost fell asleep like that. But it's really comfortable. Thinking of this, she looked up at the Iron River. How does he know massage which acupuncture point can alleviate have a headache? Tiehe did not respond to her inquiring eyes, but pouted at the paper bag he had brought on the table and said, "Weiren Chengmin,coltan ore processing, I have prepared this.". What do you think? If you don't like it, exchange it. Besides, you can consider the amount of the gift money. She looked at the sign on the paper bag and immediately understood what was inside. Seemingly unwilling to give up, she looked up at the Iron River. That look, unexpectedly some pitiful. These subtle changes are seen by the Iron River. He acted as if nothing had happened. "Don't you like this brand of watch?" I felt my head begin to ache again. Not only headache, but also a little nausea. She knew it was a sign of extreme discomfort. He pressed his discomfort and forced out a smile. OK. Very good "As long as you are satisfied." Silently, both of them stopped talking. The Iron River finally stood up straight and left silently. Lean back softly in your chair and close your eyes. The clock on the desk ticked along,gold cil machine, like a horse's hoof print, all imprinted on her heart. He had promised her a lifetime with a watch; now she wanted to end her dreams with a gift. In fact, it's really not a thought. What can you think about? So difficult, so difficult, she said only benevolence, I do not care, no one is against it, I want to marry you, I just want you. He said yes, Duan, let's get married. Holding her ID card and household registration book, she stood nervously and happily in the corridor of the Civil Affairs Bureau, waiting for him. After the appointed time, gold CIP machine ,mineral flotation, he didn't show up. No one answered the mobile phone. She didn't dare to call home to find him. Because aunt is at home. She just waited like a fool. Keep saying to yourself, don't worry, don't worry, Weiren will come, Weiren must have something to delay. Weiren won't lie to her. Weiren will do what he said. He told her to wait, and she kept waiting. Wait till he comes. Wait until she gets off work, drive her out, and tell her that you can come back tomorrow. Look at her like a freak. She doesn't care. She's been waiting. Wait until it's dark. Wait until the body is frozen stiff. It's midnight. Only benevolence did not come, since Yi came. She looked up at her brother like an abandoned puppy. Tears just welled up. At that moment, she knew what "despair" was. Her brother, who had never lost his temper with her, was furious with her. Say to her, Jing Ziduan, wake up, wake up, you can't be together. Jing Ziduan, don't be silly. Gu Weiren is already on the plane. He's not coming. You're done. She can't just believe it. That's the end of them. But she really couldn't help believing that it was true. Weiren, disappeared. No, he didn't disappear. He has been in that place for so many years. He just, uh, retreated from her life. Leave her alone. It's up to her to live and die. But she.. But I can't hate him. Because, although he ran away first, she was not able to catch up with him. She should have left everything as she said, as long as she was benevolent. But she couldn't do it. So, to this day, how can she still have any thoughts? I picked up the gift bag, and my hand was shaking. She pressed her chest. This place really hurts. I don't know how long it took, but I heard Aunt Chen calling her downstairs. She remembered that she had said at dinner that she wanted to eat dumplings with peanut stuffing. When she went down, Aunt Chen was scooping out the white and fat dumplings from the soup pot one by one and putting them in the green bowl. He took a small spoon and two spoons of sugar from the sugar bowl. In fact, I have no appetite, but don't waste what has been cooked. Hearing the sound of footsteps, she looked back, and Tong Tiehe, dressed in outgoing clothes, was buttoning the buttons of his coat. He pinched the spoon in his hand. I wanted to ask him if he wanted a bowl of dumplings, but the words went around his mouth and didn't come out. I'm going out. Tong Tiehe finished, went to the hall and changed his shoes. He came out silently and looked at him. Tiehe looked up and glanced at himself as if he wanted to say something. From the end has turned around. Tiehe stood for a moment, opened the door and went out. The fifth chapter of the main text is the density of branches and tendrils (17). B1EB7B4'labelB1EB7B4B1EB7 B4 'was sitting on a high stool, two lotus leaf porcelain bowls were placed side by side in front of her-the curling white steam floated up and covered her glasses, and her eyes were hazy-she could hear the car start outside, and in such a quiet night, the sound of the engine was light and powerful. Like the sound of breathing in the lungs of a healthy person; the sound of tires rubbing against the gravel road is fading away.. Far away. And it won't ring again tonight. She knows that. She sat up straight. The water vapor on the lens disappeared and the eyes were bright again. She was thinking,tin beneficiation plant, the sound of the car's engine is not familiar, is it the new Aston Martin? He seldom drove out by himself recently, and she almost forgot that there was such a thing in the garage. I almost forgot that his nightlife is actually very exciting.

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