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TA10 Titanium Alloy Seamless Pipe of Steel Pipe Company Successfully Produced in the First Trial

Original Title: Successful First Trial of TA10 Titanium Alloy Seamless Pipe of Steel Pipe Company On August 29,3d titanium wire, the steel pipe company successfully trial-produced the first large diameter-wall ratio titanium alloy seamless pipe with specification of Φ40616 mm and grade of TA10 produced by hot continuous rolling process in China. Titanium alloy tube blank is relatively expensive,titanium filler rod, and only one tube is fed in this trial production. Faced with the technical difficulties of titanium alloy material with narrow thermal deformation temperature window, easy piercing and clamping steel, titanium seamless tube ,titanium round bar, and high product surface quality requirements, the steel pipe company, after intense discussion and careful planning before trial production, has overcome the difficulties of billet heating system, piercing machine deformation rate and quality control of titanium alloy hot-rolled seamless pipe technology. It has formed a rigorous production trial plan and emergency response plan, and successfully challenged the zero fault tolerance rate. The hot continuous rolling process of large diameter-wall ratio titanium alloy seamless pipe used by the steel pipe company in 460 branch is a one-fire forming process, which can not only improve the production efficiency and yield of titanium alloy seamless pipe produced by traditional process in the industry,ti6al4v eli, but also effectively ensure the application performance of titanium alloy seamless tube products. The success of this trial production not only proves the production technology level of the steel pipe company, but also provides a strong technical reserve and development power for the future high-quality development of the steel pipe company. More exciting content, all in the [cloud rolling steel] public number. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

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