Create a new Issue

Please read through the GitLab Issue Documentation for an overview on GitLab Issues.

When you create a new issue, you'll be prompted to fill in the information illustrated on the image below.

New issue from the issues list

Read through the issues functionalities documentation to understand these fields one by one.

New issue from the Issue Tracker

Navigate to your Project's Dashboard > Issues > New Issue to create a new issue:

New issue from the issue list view

New issue from an opened issue

From an opened issue in your project, click New Issue to create a new issue in the same project:

New issue from an open issue

New issue from the project's dashboard

From your Project's Dashboard, click the plus sign (+) to open a dropdown menu with a few options. Select New Issue to create an issue in that project:

New issue from a project's dashboard

New issue from the Issue Board

From an Issue Board, create a new issue by clicking on the plus sign (+) on the top of a list. It opens a new issue for that project labeled after its respective list.

From the issue board

New issue via Service Desk

Enable Service Desk to your project and offer email support. By doing so, when your customer sends a new email, a new issue can be created in the appropriate project and followed up from there.

Service Desk is available only for GitLab Enterprise Edition Premium and Silver subscribers.

New issue from the group-level Issue Tracker

Head to the Group dashboard and click "Issues" in the sidebar to visit the Issue Tracker for all projects in your Group. Select the project you'd like to add an issue for using the dropdown button at the top-right of the page.

Select project to create issue

We'll keep track of the project you selected most recently, and use it as the default for your next visit. This should save you a lot of time and clicks, if you mostly create issues for the same project.

Create issue from group-level issue tracker